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In Texas, the decisions that we make in our Houston everyday lives are affected by the Reviews that we read. For example, when you’re thinking of going to the movie theater, what do you often check first? The reviews, right? Thinking of trying a new restaurant? Buying the new best seller book? Thinking about joining a fitness program? Chances are that you’ll look up reviews and ratings on all those things before you make your decision.

I could keep going on with examples, but I think you get the point: Reviews and ratings can sway the  masses – it’s just how things works in the 20th century.

All of our reviews are rated on total experience, professionalism, and quality of work. Whether you live in Houston, Katy, Richmond or Cypress TX, you have found the best carpet cleaning services in Texas. Our prices are affordable with excellent customer service and satisfaction guaranteed or it’s free. These reviews that you are about to read are hosted by Customerlobby.com.



Carpet Cleaning Houston Reviews

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Soledad Balogh (Feb. 21, 2017 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77055)
reviews“Cleaned carpets in entire house.” I am so grateful to Jeff and Pristine Carpet Cleaning. He sanitized all of the carpets initially and then went back and re-sanitized the carpets a 2nd time. This house had a previous tenant with autistic children who had left urine stains and odors, plus paint stains as well. Jeff worked hard to clean up the paint on the carpets (which was amazing) and then worked hard to get rid of the odors. Even so, after a week we realized the urine odors had started smelling again so I contacted Jeff and he returned that same day. He guarantees his work and is a man of his word. I was extremely happy with his work overall. I will definitely call him again when I need to have my carpets cleaned in the future. I would highly recommend Jeff and Pristine Carpet Cleaning to anyone in Houston.


Monica Cruz (Feb.06,2017 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77052)
reviews“There’s a lot to say about diligence. Jeff came over our 3 story home and happily over exhausted himself with such tenacious work.” Jeff, came to our 3 story home over the weekend.. (of his birthday.) And he straight away go to handling our much neglected carpet. I’m talking RED WINE OLD STAINS that had set in for years. He relentlessly wouldn’t stop until the RED wine stains were gone. My assessment about a persons character, is not words,,, (Obviously.) But EXIBITING. Jeff is that person. Not to mention he said ” I’m treating you’re home, as if it were mine.” He meant it. Happy B-lasted birthday, Jeff.


Yolanda Wright (Jun. 31, 2017 – Carpet Cleaning Katy, TX. 77494)
reviews“Don’t look any further!.” If you are looking for carpet cleaning, look no further. Pristine is a professional, prompt, and reasonable company who had our carpet looking brand new. We have 2 house dogs so getting a company who is a subject matter expect in their craft is important. They were not only on time but an hour early. Any time that i had the carpet cleaned other companies show up late. You can’t beat the price for the service that they provide. I will be calling again in 6 months. The Wrights


Maggie R. (Jun. 21, 2016 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77084)
reviews“I Had A Great Experience.” I just went online and found Pristine Carpet Cleaning Houston. They did a steam clean on my carpet. The carpet also had a smell associated with our pets. And although the smell wasn’t totally removed from the carpet it smell much better now. This company did everything I was looking for and I would recommend this company. 


Gwyn Reynolds (Jun. 12, 2016 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77095)
reviews“Best Carpet Cleaning Ever!” I contacted Pristine Carpet Cleaning based on their reviews, and I was not disappointed once I saw the results of their cleaning of my carpet. I have a large living area and the carpet is over 10 years old. The carpet looks brand new after Jeff cleaned it. Even the old pet stains that have been cleaned multiple times by other carpet cleaners came out. I was amazed. I highly recommend this carpet cleaning company and will use them again in the future. Great job!


Carpet Cleaning Houston Reviews

Oscar A. (May 09, 2016 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77079)
reviews“Best Carpet Cleaning.” I have tried other carpet cleaners before, and was very disappointed, This time around I decided to do a better research and found Pristine. And I’m very happy with the results… 


Beverly Johnson (Apr. 25, 2016 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77045)
reviews“His word, his bond. Goes beyond what is necessary!” The wet carpets from flood were beginning to mildew. Jeff came in and within a short time our problem was much improved. He came back to check on us, retreated some tough areas and helped with much needed advice. When our stress was the greatest, we were relieved to have a caring professional!


Gracie Galindo. (Feb. 05, 2016 – Carpet Cleaning and Stretching Houston, TX. 77077)
reviews“I had three bedrooms cleaned and stretched.” Jeff came to my house early, very nice and professional. He did an excellent job. I will recommend him to my family and friends. I will use his service again. Thanks Jeff 


Jimmy Hurley. (Jan. 29, 2016 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77001)
reviews“Highly recommend.” Jeff with pristine arrived early and was very courteous. The job he did was outstanding. He brought the carpet and tile back to life. I would highly recommend using his services.


Carlos Moreno (Jan. 24,2016 – Wood Floor Cleaning Houston, TX. 77094)
reviews“Awesome Job!” I called around to a number of hard wood floor cleaners for prices and services offered. I spoke to a guy named Jeff, who came to my house to do the work. He was on time, professional, and had the best prices out of everyone I called. After a few hours he was done, and I was amazed by the difference my floors looked. Still can’t get over how great they look. Awesome Job!


Best Carpet Cleaning Reviews

Aaron Pyykola (Oct. 16, 2015 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77054)
reviews“Best carpet cleaning Houston company.” Professional carpet cleaning in Houston TX. Jeff and Aaron where on top of their game. My carpet look new. Thanks Pristine, ya know how to live up to your name. Great service! Houston carpet cleaning at it’s best.


B. (Sept. 05, 2014 – Carpet cleaning Houston, TX. 77069)
reviews“Best job.” Jeff showed up early and got right to it. Very professional and took his time doing the job. Would highly recommend and will use again!


Jacob Davis (Aug. 26, 2014 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77080)
reviews“Best Carpet Cleaning that I have ever had.” A friend recommended Pristine Carpet Cleaning to me and said they were the best carpet cleaning service in Houston Texas. What could I say to that? Talked with Jeff on the phone and after he gave me the price, I set the cleaning up for the next day. Wow…, could not believe how my carpet turned out. Thanks Pristine, and thank you Jeff for a job well done.


Elsie Newlin (Aug. 06, 2014  Carpet Cleaning and Stretching Houston, Tx. 77076)
reviews“Carpet stretching and cleaning.” This is my first time dealing with Pristine and I’m so amazed. Jeff was punctual, courteous and helpful in every respect. He even moved the heavy furniture out of the way and kindly repositioned it after the job was completed. I’ve had the wall-to-wall carpeting for 20 years and now it looks like it has just been installed. His rates are quite affordable and I would very highly recommend his service.


Heather Sanders (Jul. 14, 2014 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77041)
reviews“Pristine Carpet Cleaning of Houston Is A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company. ” Jeff did a fantastic job with cleaning our carpet. He was so sweet to us, and I would recommend him to all of my friends and family.


Sarah Walker (May 19, 2014 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77001)
reviews“Highly Recommended!!!!” This is a very professional carpet cleaning company in Houston. I have a 9 year old home that i am getting ready to put on the market, and I have had pets for years. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea of having to replace all of the carpets in a home that I plan to move out of, One of my friends suggested I had them cleaned and referred me to Pristine carpet cleaning. The owner Jeff was not only friendly but extremely knowledgeable and professional too. My carpets look brand new and my home smells and looks incredible! If anyone is looking for a carpet cleaning service I highly recommend Pristine!


Mary Bracken (Jul. 27, 2013 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77070)
reviews“Best carpet cleaning houston company!!” Carpet Touch was to come on Friday between 10 -12 am. Around 1 p.m. I talked with the company receptionist and she didn’t know anything about being late and she told me that someone would give me a call back. Around 2 p.m. I still have not received a call about my carpet cleaning to be done and Later found out that the tech. went home sick. It took the manager another 2 hours to call me back and let me know this, very poor customer services and communication. I called Pristine carpet cleaning after reading their reviews and WoW, what a great job they did. Pristine carpet cleaning took care of us on the following Tuesday, they were here promptly and was very professional and did a fabulous job.


Janelle Baptiste (Jul. 27, 2013 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77063)
reviews“Great houston carpet cleaning services!” Jeff was very thorough with explaining the carpet cleaning process and making recommendations. Pristine carpet cleaning was very prompt, efficient and thorough! He gave safety precautions to prevent before the carpet dried. I definitely appreciate his professionalism. I will recommend Pristine carpet cleaning to anyone and everyone!


Macon Fife (Jul. 19, 2013 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77054)
reviews“Very professional, timely, and GREAT work! Jeff was on time, and he didn’t waste any time to start cleaning. He also took the time to show me how dirty my carpet really was. He made an old house with old carpet look and smell like new. I would highly recommend his service.


Stacy Allensworth (Jul. 17, 2013 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77003)
reviews“Jeff did an outstanding job!” We purchased a townhouse and the previous owners left the carpets in AWFUL shape, badly stained (pet stains), and heavy traffic areas.. Jeff not only got out almost all the stains, he helped move the furniture left by the previous owners. If you need your carpet cleaned right the first time I would highly recommend Pristine Carpet Cleaning!


Nicola Powditch (May 14, 2013 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77076)
reviews“Excellent.” Excellent job! Carpets look like new. Recommended disinfectant which made a big difference. Thanks!


Carpet Cleaning Warranty Reviews

Kathy Ellis (May 14,2013 Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77022)
reviews“Wonderful!” He got stains out that the prior cleaner couldn’t.


Houston Reviews Five Stars

Gayle Joslin (May 14, 2013 Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77080)
reviews“Professional” Quick, thorough, and professional


B. Horensky (May 11, 2013 – Carpet Cleaning Katy, TX. 77450)
reviews“Good carpet stretching.” Very happy with the carpet stretching he did. I will call them next time I need my carpet cleaned also. I was not happy with a different carpet cleaner I used, so I wish I had called this company first and used them for both cleaning and stretching.


Daria Clark (Feb. 23, 2013 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77034)
reviews“Very professional, informative, and very satisfied!” I am greatly satisfied with the information and superior cleaning from Pristine Carpet Cleaning. Seeing the dirt even after having my carpets cleaned by “colt” not so long ago, makes me feel better that I called out Pristine. Thanks Pristine, I will be a repeat customer.


Courtney Eastveld (Feb. 13, 2013 Carpet Cleaning Katy, TX. 77494)
reviews“Excellent Service” We had the carpets in our office cleaned and even after years of heavy foot traffic they were good as new. We will definitely use them in the future!


Zaira Dawson (Dec. 09, 2012 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77069)
reviews“Outstanding Service, very satisfied.” Service was excellent, My carpet looks like new. Very Satisfied, excellent customer service.


Erica Lamkin (Nov. 06, 2012 Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77003)
reviews“Very nice cleaning job.” Very efficient, and polite. Will use this company again, cleaning that Pristine did was the best that I have ever had. Thanks!


Carrie Miller (Oct. 22, 2012 – Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77086)
reviews“Very quick & thorough. Pricing was up front and great.” I would recommend this company to ever body! Very polite and professional. Needed some carpet stretching and Pristine made it look like new again. Great Job!


Mike Arredondo (Oct. 22, 2012 – Carpet cleaning Houston, TX. 77045)
reviews“Jeff has always done a great job.” I have used Jeff for years now and he has always done a great job. If he says he will be there you best believe he will show up. I would recommend Pristine Carpet Cleaning to anyone!


Haley Cameron (Oct. 16, 2012 Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX. 77036)
reviews“Excellent service!” Moved into a townhome and the owners had a pet, needless to say it smelled bad. Called Pristine to come out to clean. While the tech. was here he gave us a discount on the pet treatment…. This company is excellent, no more pet odor, looks great and smells like fresh apples. Thanks Pristine, ya did a great job.


Anna Contreras (Oct. 04, 2012 Carpet Cleaning Katy, TX. 77493)
reviews“Fantastic” Jeff was prompt, courteous, and respectful. He got the job done. I will definitely use this company again and recommend them to anyone with pets. My carpets look amazing:-)

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