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Pristine Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Services In Houston, TX

If you've been thinking that it's time to call a carpet cleaning Houston service to clean your carpet then your right. Nobody knows their own house like you do. Now the question is, what carpet cleaning Houston service do you call? We believe you should know the different types of cleaning methods that are available before you make your final decision.

Our restoration & cleaning services in Houston comes with our satisfaction guaranteed policy. With our carpet cleaning houston service, no one can come close to our deep cleaning done with the Rotovac Powerwand. If you have the chance, read our Houston reviews >>

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX

Most carpet cleaning Houston service’s in Houston, Katy, Richmond and Cypress, TX. use a standard wand while cleaning your carpet (98%).This common tool (the wand) has been around for ages & is recommended for lightly soiled carpet cleaning only.

Saturation Problems

 Saturation occurs while cleaning your carpet with a standard wand. This tool has no water control leaver and the water is forced out at a higher rate for cleaning.

Saturation Leads To Deterioration

Extremely wet carpet will deteriorate the back side of your carpet, and ripples and rolls will appear over time. When carpet is over saturated with water, the dirt is force deeper into you carpet fibers and will take from 8-24 hours to dry. When your carpet does finally dry the dirt that was forced down will rise back to the surface and appear as if it had never been cleaned.

Truck Mount Unit

Companies that show up at your front door with a truck mount unit are way better than what a portable unit will ever do.

Call for details: 281-204-3047Standard Carpet Cleaning Service

For the next two weeks we have a 10% discount for first time service with our wand cleaning.

If you carpet are extremely dirty and you have pets we recommend the“Xtreme Carpet Cleaning Service Package” with 40% off.

If you have the time, read a few of our carpet cleaning reviews and see how our curstomers are rating our service’s.

We wouldn’t clean any other way, and neither should you!


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Rotovac Powerwand Carpet Cleaning Houston Service

The “Rotovac Powerwand” is the newest technology on the market when it comes to carpet cleaning in Houston, TX.

Carpet Cleaning Houston Service Revolutionize

This carpet cleaning Houston tool has revolutionize the way carpet cleaning is being done in Houston, Katy, Richmond and Cypress Texas. The Rotovac Powerwand is an electric power tool that makes more cleaning passes per minute than any cleaning tool on the market.

Deepest Steam Cleaning Available

It is the deepest steaming cleaning available. No matter how dirty your carpet is, the rotovac can give your carpet new life.

Best Carpet Cleaning Houston Service

We believe that when you pay for a carpet cleaning Houston service that you the customer should get the best cleaning that’s possible.

When comparing this Houston carpet cleaning service with our other two packages, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. It’s a night & day difference when having your carpet cleaning done with the Rotovac Powerwand.

“Watch The Video and See The Difference”


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Commercial & Residential

Carpet Cleaning Houston Service


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Houston dry carpet cleaning

Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning Houston Service

Dry foam carpet cleaning is a process known for “very low moisture” (VLM). Many customers prefer this carpet cleaning green technology over the standard wand cleaning.

Dry With In 30 Minutes

Drying time is a very rapid factor when having guest over or entertaining with in hours of the cleaning. The structural formula of this chemical compound is better know for encapsulation solution.

Dry Foam

Right now for a limited time you can have your whole house (up to 8 areas) cleaned with our interim non residue dry foam encapsulation process cleaning for only $200. We are celebrating our fall cleaning season with our Best Internet Special for the next 2 weeks! Open area cleaning only. Homes and rooms that are empty, add $10 per area.

Recommended for lightly soiled carpet

To receive the 10% discount with this carpet cleaning Houston special and our standard wand cleaning service their is a minimum of 5 areas that must be cleanedfor first service special.

Call Our Carpet Cleaning Houston Service For details: 281-204-3047

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Dry Foam Carpet Cleaning Service


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Carpet Cleaning Houston Service Packages and Pricing

Our carpet cleaning Houston service offer’s four different carpet cleaning packages with price’s. Like most carpet cleaning Houston companies in Houston, Katy, Richmond, and Cypress, TX., we have the “standard wand cleaning” & the “dry foam cleaning” process. Both are recommended for lightly soiled carpet.

Award Winning Platinum and Xtreme Carpet Cleaning Houston Package’s

The third & fourth cleaning package’s are done with the Rotovac Powerwand. They are considered to be our award winning platinum carpet cleaning Houston service packages. Cleaning with the Rotovac Powerwand put’s any other type of carpet cleaning to shame.

Silver Package

Standard Wand Cleaning
$99.95/1 Room
  • 2 Rooms…….$99.95
  • 3 Rooms…….$99.95
  • 4 Rooms…..$139.95
  • 5 Rooms…..$159.95
  • 6 Rooms…..$199.95
  • Additional Rooms & Stairs $30.00
  • This carpet cleaning Houston package uses the standard wand cleaning. Recommend for lightly soiled carpet.

Gold Package

Dry Foam Cleaning
$99.95/1 Room
  • 2 Rooms/Areas…..$129.95
  • 3 Rooms/Areas…..$139.95
  • 4 Rooms/Areas…..$149.95
  • 5 Rooms/Areas…..$159.95
  • 6 Rooms/Areas…..$169.95
  • Additional Rooms & Stairs $30.00
  • This carpet cleaning Houston package uses the dry foam cleaning. Recommend for lightly soiled carpet.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or It’s Free

Satisfaction Guaranteed or it’s Free! With this carpet cleaning Houston package we use one of the most Powerful Truck Mount Hot Steam Cleaning Units available. No size limit . No hidden charges. Open area cleaning. Empty homes are included with this special internet offer. One discount per cleaning offer.

Carpet Cleaning Houston Service With The Rotovac Powerwand

Our carpet cleaning service with the Rotovac Powerwand is done more thoroughly than anybody else in Houston, Katy, Richmond, or Cypress TX. Those are mighty big words for a carpet cleaning service to stand behind but we do. With this special offer, we use the best steam cleaning equipment on the market for the deepest cleaning every time.

Call and ask for Jeff about details.

(281) 204-3047

All Inclusive. No Hidden Charges. No Size Limit.

Xtreme Carpet Cleaning Houston Service Package

With the “Xtreme Carpet Cleaning Service Package”, if you have pet problems (or you just need to disinfect the carpet for germs and bacteria) then this package is for you! With our 40% discount on this Houston, Katy, Cypress, and Richmond carpet cleaning special, it’s like finding money that you never knew you had. Mattress Mack has a popular saying here in Houston, TX. and it applies to our carpet cleaning Houston service special, “We will save you money!”

Why Pristine Carpet Cleaning Service?

What makes Pristine Carpet Cleaning of Houston unique from other carpet cleaners is that we actually care about how clean your carpet gets. Not only do we save you money with this awesome cleaning special with a 40% discount, but we also use the newest technology available for the deepest cleaning around.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or It’s Free

Cleaning with the Rotovac Powerwand is the only way that we can actually offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or it’s Free with the Xtreme Carpet Cleaning Houston Service that we offer. With our 30 HP truck mounted unit that has 230 degrees of hot steam, and the Rotovac Powerwand, you get the best and deepest carpet cleaning that anyone has to offer.

Six Areas Carpet Cleaning Service Special

We include in this special up to 6 areas any size to be cleaned. Bath and Hall are Free. Plus, a One-Year Unlimited Warranty Cleaning Serviceplan. Additional areas only $79.

Other offers cannot be combined. Call 281-204-3047 to schedule the “XTREME Carpet Cleaning Houston Service” package

All This For One Low Price

xtreme -carpet-cleaning-by-pristine-carpet-cleaning-Houston* Power Per-Spray for all Stains & Spots, and traffic Areas.

* 30 HP Truck Mount Unit that comes with 230 degrees of Hot Steam
* Pet Urine Treatment for Removal of Pet Odors.
* Dupont Teflon Carpet Protect * Carpet Speed Dry. Dries in 2-4 Hours
* Hall & Bath Free. No Size Limit. One Year Unlimited Warranty.

Reg. Price $599 – On Sale with 40% Discount$359 carpet cleaning Houston payment cards

Satisfaction Guaranteed or It’s FREE!

Satisfaction is always our guarantee. If you don’t see a 100% different within the first 10 minutes of your cleaning done with the Rotovac Powerwand, then it’s Free! You heard us right, you don’t have to pay a dime if your not satisfied with the cleaning that we have done. How’s that with claiming to be one of the top and best Carpet Cleaning Service companies in Houston Texas?

Best Carpet Cleaning Houston Internet Special For The Next Two Weeks!

Pick one of our carpet cleaning packages that fit your budget & cleaning needs. Only one offer discount per package per customer. $10 dollar truck charge for service route, can be applied to 10% discount offer if chosen.

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Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX.

In Houston, TX. we offer a carpet cleaning Houston service with there different service packages. Like most carpet cleaning companies do in Katy, Richmond, Cypress and Houston we have the standard wand cleaning & the dry foam cleaning process. Both are recommended for lightly soiled carpet. The third cleaning package done with the rotovac power-wand is our award winning supper service package. It put any other type of cleaning to shame.

After reading a few of our reviews written by our many customer, we want you to check out our Before & After pictures. Then, without a doubt you will see how we can claim to be the best carpet cleaning service. Satisfaction Guaratee or It's FREE! Satisfaction is always our guarantee. If you don't see a 100% different within the first 10 minutes of your cleaning done with the Rotovac Powerwand, then it's Free! You heard us right, you don't have to pay a dime if your not satisfied with the cleaning that we have done. How's that with claiming to be one of the top and best Carpet Cleaning Houston Service companies in Katy, Richmond, Cypress or Houston Texas?

Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX.

Best Carpet Cleaning Houston, TX.

Carpet Cleaning Katy, TX.

Best Carpet Cleaning Katy, TX.

Carpet Cleaning Richmond, TX.

Best Carpet Cleaning Richmond, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Jersey Village, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Cinco Ranch, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Fulshear, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Simonton, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Mission Bend, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Greatwood, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Rosenberg, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Wallis, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Pattison, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Meadows Place, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Northwest Houston, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Willowbrook, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Pasadena, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Bellaire, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Sealy, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning South Houston, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Friendswood, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Orchard, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Brookshire, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Baytown, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Fresno, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Pearland, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Seabrook, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Kermah, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Energy Corridor, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Aldine, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Cloverleaf, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Crosby, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Highlands, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Mount Belvieu, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Kelliwood Links, TX.

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Carpet Cleaning Kelliwood Terrace, TX.

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