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Pet odor and Understanding the facts of “why” animals urinate in the house is very important. Once you begin to understand your pet, you will be one step closer to solving the pet odor problem .

Pet Odor and Association

Human beings have multiple of senses which are sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch. And this is how we associate with life. Animals (non-human), associate with life in a much different way and are able to sense the world we live in, in ways that we can not.


When you let your pet outside or take them on a walk they will end up peeing by a fire-hydrant, a tree, or in some ones yard. The reason they pick these places to go is cause this is how they associate with life, it’s where another animal has gone already and this is called marking their territory.Pet odor removal houston

Animals have a great sense of smell and it’s not by chance where they choose to do their business, they know from their ken sense of smell that another animal has marked it’s territory.
So in turn, they remark the area with their sense. And if your wondering why a fire-hydrant of all places, they can sense the animal marking, not because red pet odor removal houstonis their favorite color. Dogs, cats, mice, rats and rabbits have very poor color vision. In fact, they see mostly greys and blues and yellows.

Pet odor and Territorial

Territorial behavior is exhibited by nearly every type of animal, even humans. Many territorial mammals use scent marking to signal the boundaries of their territories. Such as dogs urination on fire-hydrants as mention above. Cats on the other hand mark their territory by rubbing their face and body against objects and people as well.
The vast majority of animals do not demonstrate territorial behavior but for those that do (dogs), it’s only normal for them when they pee in the house. Pets that live in the home, do what they do natural – mark their territory. If you have more than one animal in the house, then it becomes a battle between the two, if you have three pets then the battle of marking becomes worse.
Within your home there may be a area that your pet goes more than any other place and this is usually as a result of avoidance. The bottom line is, animals are acting on their natural territorial behavior.
If a pet urinates in a certain place for a period of time (like your carpet), they are becoming “accustom” to where they are going. It’s like a bad habit, and even animals have them.

“It’s time to break your pets bad habit and get your house back”

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Pet Odor
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