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Most wood floor cleaning Houston companies over charge when it comes to proper maintenance to your hardwood floors. If you try cleaning your floors yourself they can be very tedious.

Due to improper cleaning by other services in Houston TX., the providers who claim to be the best, make the cleaning process worst. Maintaining a yearly maintenance service plan can enhance the beauty and extend the life of your hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors are a tremendous investment for your home or business. Whether you live in Houston, Katy, Richmond, or Cypress Texas, all wood floors need proper care so they can last for years to come.

Jacob Davis (Houston, TX. 77057)Reviews Best wood floor cleaning Houston service. A friend recommended Pristine Carpet Cleaning to me and said they were the best wood floor cleaning service in Houston Texas. What could I say to that? Talked with Jeff on the phone and after he gave me the price, I set the cleaning up for the next day. Wow…, could not believe how my wood floors turned out. Thanks Pristine, and thank you Jeff for a job well done.!”

Wood Floor Cleaning Houston

Wood Floor Cleaning Houston

Professional Wood Floor Cleaning Houston Service

We understand the value in being one of the best professional wood floor cleaning Houston services in TX. Furthermore, we know that not all Houston, Katy, Richmond, and Cypress wood floor cleaning Houston companies are the same.

Bring back the lustful shine to your floors is our number one goal. This can be done without scratching, denting, or ruining them with our professional cleaning equipment.

Ninety percent of the time when customers clean their wood floors themselves, the problem as a result, becomes much worst. Therefore in conclusion, wood floors need to be polished and buffed to keep them conditioned by a wood floor cleaning Houston professional.

Alain Arango (Katy, TX. 77450)Reviews“Service at its best!” Pristine carpet cleaning was so accommodating, my wood floors look NEW! Pristine was recommended to me by a dear friend, and now I will recommend them to everyone. I am a licensed massage therapist and see clients at home. I had several oil stains on my living room floors, which are now completely gone. THANK YOU 🙂 GOD BLESS!

Wood Floor Cleaning & Wax

At Pristine Carpet Cleaning of Houston, we provide quality workmanship in wood flooring cleaning and waxing all over the city of Houston. Let us bring the warmth and shine back to your wood floor as if it had never left! Our technicians have years of experience in cleaning and waxing, so their is no need to go anywhere else.

Carlos Moreno (Cypress, TX. 77433) Reviews “Highly Recommended! I called around to a number of wood floor cleaning houston services for prices and services offered. I spoke to a guy named Jeff, who came to my house to do the work. He was on time, professional, and had the best prices out of everyone I called. After a few hours he was done, and I was amazed by the difference my floors looked. Still can’t get over how great they look. Awesome Job!”

Call Pristine Carpet Cleaning for details (281) 204-3047, and learn how nice it would be to let someone else take care of your hardwood floors cleaning & waxing maintenance.

Why Reviews Should Be Read

The reason that we recommend to read reviews on whom ever you have to clean your wood floors is because most companies really have no idea on how to properly maintenance your floors. It’s more than just pouring wax on your hardwood floors and buffing them to a shine.

Out of our 85 Reviews,Heather said that our wood floor cleaning Houston service was amazing. Diane her realtor said, she has used a lot of wood floor cleaners in her time but Pristine Carpet Cleaning of Houston is the best by far!” These reviews are from real people as yourself! Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself. When you have the chance, take a few minutes and read a couple of our five stars reviews hosted by Customerlobby.com


Pristine Carpet Cleaning Services


In Houston, Katy, Richmond , and Cypress Texas we do have one of the best wood floor cleaning service’s for our residential and commercial customers. At Pristine carpet cleaning we do offers more to our customers than any other carpet cleaning company in Houston or Katy TX.

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: This is my first time dealing with Pristine and I’m so amazed. Jeff was punctual, courteous and helpful in every respect. He even moved the heavy furniture out of the way…

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